Why Do Women Stay?

Lives and safety of women and children may be threatened by the abuser. The fear of greater physical harm, or even of being killed, is valid. Abusers may threaten to kill themselves, making a woman feel guilty and responsible for his safety.

Children are used as pawns with the threat that they will be taken and she will never see them again. Mothers may also fear that their leaving will deprive their children of a home and life opportunities.

Income and assets may be in the name of the abuser while the woman has been a homemaker. Thus, women may fear that if they leave an abusive situation they will have to rely on welfare programs or live in poverty.

Religious beliefs and teachings say “marriage is forever” or “for better or worse.” Leaving would be equated with failure.

Loss of self-esteem and confidence allow victims to feel “secure” with what is familiar, even if it is abusive.

The appropriate question is…How does she get out?
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