Program of Long-Term Transition

Individual Client Mentoring to instill self-respect, dignity, and independence to have “Victory Over Violence”

Stage 1: Initial Contact > First Steps
Identify immediate needs (medical care, food, shelter, and safety)
Intake process
Explain our approach to long-term mentoring
Present basic domestic violence prevention education
Develop individual survival plan with short and long-term goals
Offer practical help with budget and financial issues
Explain expectations and client responsibilities

Stage 2: Transition > Complete Short-Term Goals
Report to law enforcement – File protection order
Secure legal representation – Referrals to attorneys
Acquire/Maintain job
Restore credit – Pay off debt
Advance education – GED or job training
Access other assistance agencies
Improve self-image – Restore confidence – Smile again
Explore, discover, and develop talents and skills

Stage 3: Victory Over Violence > Complete Long-Term Goals
Demonstrate/exhibit wise decision-making skills – Capable Parenting
Demonstrate ability to meet monthly expenses
Move into permanent and sustainable housing
Remain free from abusive lifestyle
Share with others what you have learned