Open Arms Program

With the Open Arms expansion initiative, Genesis House aims to promote safety, personal growth, and put an end to domestic violence through outreach, information, support, and education.  

Help stop the cycle of violence in our community by requesting an educator! 


  • Personal Health & Safety
  • Sexual & Domestic Violence
  • Genesis House Services/What We Do
  • Parenting Resources/How Domestic Violence Affects Children
  • Bullying, Teen dating, & Healthy Relationships
  • Bystander Awareness
  • Life Skills & Gardening/Self-Sustainability
  • Support Groups (Coming Soon)
  • Additional Programs Available – Just Ask! 

Presentations are modified based on the learning objectives of each group (i.e. age of students, business, organization, etc.). All programs are offered at no charge! 

For more information contact us at 402-367-3585 or email