Mentoring Program

Clients participate in our Three-Stage Transitional Mentoring Program to accomplish long and short term goals.

First Stage

First, we identify immediate needs (food, housing, medical needs, etc). During the intake appointment, we explain our long-term mentoring approach, give basic domestic violence prevention education, and help you develop short and long term goals. We evaluate your financial needs and go over client expectations and responsibilities.

Second Stage

During the second stage, we discuss protection order needs, if applicable. We provide legal referrals in order to secure legal representation, if needed. During this time, we give you the support you need to keep your job or help you find a job. We discuss strategies to restore credit and pay off debt. As you progress in the program, we provide resources for advanced education, GED, or other trainings to help with self-improvement. The steps in this stage are all designed to improve self-esteem, self-image, and restore confidence so you can smile again!

Third Stage

The last stage involves you demonstrating stability and positive life changes. This includes maintaining a steady job, residing in permanent housing, showing good financial skills by meeting monthly expenses, showing capable parenting, and exhibiting good decision-making skills. You will leave the program as a "success story" with the tools to remain free from hurtful, abusive, or toxic relationships. As a Genesis House success story, you will become a model for others and have a chance to share what you have learned and help others.