April 7, 2022 / By genesishouse474

By Pat Lostroh

What an adventure this has been! Looking back, way back, to the beginning, more than 20 years ago…remembering and reflecting on the who’s, how’s, and when’s of the history of Genesis House, I feel privileged and honored to have experienced this amazing journey that would become my primary mission. Genesis House is a dream and vision that became a reality. Clear memories of the building, planning with my partners, special friends who stood with me to be the “miracle workers”. Working together with those who gave hundreds of hours of hard work, time, money, and resources, friendships that will last a lifetime. Things that happened at Genesis House that put a smile on my face as I relive times that should be viewed on Americas’ Funniest Home Videos.

I see the faces of hundreds of women who came to our door, sat at our table, their amazing stories of victory over violence, the reward at watching each one achieve a transformation that led to freedom from abuse, forever, for their children and future generations. I hear the echoes of tears, trauma and trials, and the stories of triumph over tragedy. I share this reward and accomplishment with the faithful and generous supporters in Butler and Polk counties who provide the tools and resources to break the cycle of violence. Looking back, I see that the discovery of hope and empowerment are experienced and felt not only by those who receive, but by those who give. I feel joy and appreciation for all that Genesis House gave to me.

Looking ahead I see a promising and secure future for Genesis House, under the direction of a capable and dedicated Board of Directors. It is with great confidence that I welcome our new manager, Sherri Nielsen who brings energy, new ideas, and enthusiasm to continue the work of Genesis House.