Soap = Hope?

Does soap = hope? At Genesis House, it does!! For our clients, who have left abusive situations and are trying to rebuild their lives, personal care items can become a “luxury” and not a necessity. For a woman who is now focusing on finding safety, emotional freedom, and financial independence, the thought of buying lovely smelling lotions and soaps, nice shampoo, fingernail polish, and even things like deodorant just seem too expensive while they are trying to figure out how to feed themselves and their children and pay for expenses like rent, utilities, and medical bills on their own.

We want to make sure our clients never have to go without personal care items that can help them feel good, clean, happy, and confident! To help us, the Girl Scouts have decorated a Bunny Tag Giving Tree for our clients at the Hruska Memorial Public Library. They are doing this project to bring some happiness and hope to our clients during this Spring season of new life! With the items donated, the girl scouts will make special Easter baskets for each of our clients. Here’s how to help support their project!

  • Head to the library in David City to pick up a tag- or more than one if you would like! 
  • Then purchase the item(s) on your tag(s).
  • Bring the item(s) back to the library and place in the box next to the tree.
  • Girl Scouts Troop 50553 will make Easter baskets for Genesis House clients with the items donated.
  • You have until Saturday, April 3rd to drop off your items at the library!

Please spread the word! This is a great opportunity for the Girl Scouts to learn the importance of community service. Thank you to all who donate—a little kindness will go a long way!

We want to also thank the Hruska Memorial Public Library staff for assisting with this project as well!

Remember, soap DOES equal hope!