Working Together to Grow Together

A message from Pat, Executive Director

‘What beautiful, awesome gardens we have! Have you ever noticed how plants move, bend, and make room for each other? They grow and thrive side by side. We can do that, too!! I love seeing all the different plants, each with their own characteristics and potential…..for me, it’s like that with people, too. I enjoy all of our differences, the individual personalities and characteristics, and the ways we are all alike and also the ways that make each of us special and unique. How boring would it be if we lived in a world full of clones!!

We’ve sown seeds of love and hope and we will reap bountiful harvests of beautiful and healthy vegetables. We will celebrate and share! We can work together and grow together! Always remember this in gardening- and also in our everyday lives.’ 

With love,



#genesishousegarden #summer2020