7 Messages for Our Communities

Genesis House’s Executive Director, Pat, wanted to share these important messages with you about community spread that are from research and recommendations from the National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine and the CDC.

  1. In areas where there is an outbreak, COVID-19 is commonly found in asymptomatic people, including children.

  2. Asymptomatic people, including children, can spread the infection to others.

  3. The infection is spread just by talking and breathing – it isn’t necessary to cough or sneeze to pass the infection to others.

  4. The most efficient spread between people occurs when an infected person spends more than four hours a day within six feet of someone they could infect — spread is very efficient within families, like between parents and children or between spouses.

  5. It is very important for everyone to assume that they could be asymptomatic carriers who could spread the disease to others, including to vulnerable people who are elderly or have pre-existing conditions that could make it very dangerous if they become infected.

  6. Monitor your temperature once/day at home and be vigilant for respiratory symptoms that make you think a cold or flu could be coming on. Many people with COVID-19 experience mild symptoms.

  7. Infected people who have no symptoms or mild symptoms can still give other people a life-threatening version of the disease.

  8. Know what to do if you or anyone in the family develops respiratory symptoms of any kind or a fever. Be prepared and have a plan for what to do if someone in the household develops symptoms. 

Please consider these precautions throughout your day and share with others!